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A Swift client for Spotify's Web API.

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SpotifyKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "SpotifyKit"


You can easily create a SpotifyKit helper object by providing your Spotify application data.

let spotifyManager = SpotifyManager(with:
        clientId:     "client_id",
        clientSecret: "client_secret",
        redirectUri:  "redirect_uri"

The token data gathered at authentication moment is automatically saved in a secure preference with Keychain.


This is arguably the trickiest step. At your app launch, you should call authorization method like this:


It sends a request of authorization for the user's account, that will result in a HTTP response with the specified URL prefix and the authorization code as parameter. The method automatically skips the process if a saved token is found.

Then, in order to complete authentication and obtain the token, you must setup a URL scheme (in Info.plist file of your app) and catch the code like this:


// MARK: in your AppDelegate.swift file

 Catches URLs with specific prefix ("your_spotify_redirect_uri://")
func application(_ application: UIApplication, handleOpen url: URL) -> Bool {
    spotifyManager.saveToken(from: url)

    return true


 Registers the URL watcher
    andSelector: #selector(handleURLEvent),
    forEventClass: AEEventClass(kInternetEventClass),
    andEventID: AEEventID(kAEGetURL))

 Catches URLs with specific prefix ("your_spotify_redirect_uri://")
func handleURLEvent(event: NSAppleEventDescriptor,
                    replyEvent: NSAppleEventDescriptor) {
	if	let descriptor = event.paramDescriptor(forKeyword: keyDirectObject),
		let urlString  = descriptor.stringValue,
		let url        = URL(string: urlString) {
		spotifyManager.saveToken(from: url)

Now SpotifyKit is fully authenticated with your user account and you can use all the methods it provides.


All methods send HTTP request through URLSession API and report the results with simple callbacks


Finds tracks (as in this example), albums or artists in Spotify database:

// Signature
public func find<T>(_ what: T.Type,
                    _ keyword: String,
                    completionHandler: @escaping ([T]) -> Void) where T: SpotifySearchItem

// Example
spotifyManager.find(SpotifyTrack.self, "track_title") { tracks in
	// Tracks is a [SpotifyTrack] array
	for track in tracks {
        print("URI:    \(track.uri), "         +
              "Name:   \(, "        +
              "Artist: \(, " +
              "Album:  \(")

get() and library() functions are also available for retrieving a specific item or fetching your library's tracks, albums or playlists.

User library interaction

Save, delete and check saved status for tracks in "Your Music" playlist

// Save the track "track_id") { saved in
    print("Saved: \(saved)")

// Check if the track is saved
spotifyManager.isSaved(trackId: "track_id") { isSaved in
    print("Is saved: \(isSaved)")

// Delete the track
spotifyManager.delete(trackId: "track_id") { deleted in
    print("Deleted: \(deleted)")

Supported Spotify items

The items are automatically decoded from JSON, by conforming to Swift 4 "Decodable" protocol.

Generic item

The protocol which is inherited by all items, including common properties

public protocol SpotifyItem: Decodable {

	var id:   String { get }
	var uri:  String { get }
	var name: String { get }

public protocol SpotifySearchItem: SpotifyItem {
	// Items conforming to this protocol can be searched

public protocol SpotifyLibraryItem: SpotifyItem {
	// Items conforming to this protocol can be contained in user's library


public struct SpotifyUser: SpotifySearchItem {

	public var email:  String?

	// URI of the user profile picture
	public var artUri: String


public struct SpotifyTrack: SpotifySearchItem, SpotifyLibraryItem {

	public var album:  SpotifyAlbum?
	public var artist: SpotifyArtist


public struct SpotifyAlbum: SpotifySearchItem, SpotifyLibraryItem, SpotifyTrackCollection {

	// The tracks contained in the album
	public var collectionTracks: [SpotifyTrack]?

	public var artist: SpotifyArtist

	// The album's cover image
	public var artUri: String


public struct SpotifyPlaylist: SpotifySearchItem, SpotifyLibraryItem, SpotifyTrackCollection {

	// The tracks contained in the playlist
	public var collectionTracks: [SpotifyTrack]?


public struct SpotifyArtist: SpotifySearchItem {
	// Artist has no additional properties


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