🔍 发现导航 , 打造最强静态导航网站(支持SEO) | Discovery Navigation: A purely static, powerful navigation website that supports SEO and online editing
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🔍 发现导航 , 打造最强静态导航网站(支持SEO) | Discovery Navigation: A purely static, powerful navigation website that supports SEO and online editing
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Discovery Navigation

A purely static, powerful navigation website that supports SEO and online editing, I hope you will like it

Built-in collection of up to 800+ high-quality websites to help you work, study and live

Stars Angular



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`Discovery Navigation The idea is to make it simple and convenient without relying on back-end services, without complicated configuration and database configuration concepts, so it can be used out of the box.

  • Built-in 800+utility sites.
  • Support SEO.
  • It is completely static and provides automatic deployment functions.
  • The trigeminal tree has a clear structure and clear classification.
  • Support one website to associate multiple URLs
  • The coexistence of beauty and simplicity is no longer the era of killing Matt.
  • Completely open source, easy to customize.
  • Support multiple browsing modes and innovation.
  • Support footprint memory.
  • Support mobile browsing.
  • Support search query.
  • Support custom engine search.
  • A variety of theme switching.
  • Support dark mode.
  • Support background management, no need to deploy.
  • Support import from Chrome bookmarks


Its as easy as counting numbers "3 2 1" that simple!

Method one (github-pages free)

1Fork the current project.

2settings/tokens apply for a token, check the corresponding permissions, if you dont understand, select all, copy and save the token.

3 Create a new application token, name fill in TOKEN (All are uppercase).

4Go to click "Green Button"

5Be sure to modify the project configuration file nav.config.ts

6After 5 minutes, open , you will see a very powerful navigation website.

Method 2 (Free Vercel)

The steps are the same as the first method, except that the fourth step is not needed. For specific use, follow the steps apps/vercel

Method 3 (Free Netlify)


Modify the routing address to system, such as: Change to

Bookmark import

Support importing from Chrome bookmarks (WebKit kernel should be supported~), it will automatically detect navigation that meets the three-level classification, and all others will be set as unclassified:

The browser opens chrome://bookmarks/ to export the bookmarks to get the html file, and then import it from the background of the navigation website.


Before upgrading, please back up the data folder and nav.config.ts in the root directory, and replace them after the upgrade. Click the Watch button in the upper right corner to track the version upgrade for the first time.

Update log


Development and construction

# Download
git clone --depth=1

cd nav

# Installation dependencies

# Start
yarn start

# Build
yarn build


Thank you for your contribution, men.


If you have any functional suggestions, you can initiate an issue, Thank you.



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