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Ethereum TypeScript Client Library - for perfect types and tiny builds.



web3x was created originally as a pure TypeScript port of web3.js. Although its API has diverged slightly from web3.js, it still maintains a strong degree of alignment and porting from one to the other should be fairly trivial.

web3x provides full type safety when interacting with contracts by building type definitions from contract ABIs.

It has its own EVM implementation for testing contract behaviour fully in process using standard testing tools (e.g. Jest).


This monorepo is split into several sub-packages.

  • web3x - main client library.
  • web3x-codegen - tool for generating type safe contract classes from ABIs.
  • web3x-evm - EVM implementation for testing contract code completely in process or in browser.
  • web3x-node-example - Example backend TypeScript project with Jest for testing.
  • web3x-webpack-example - Example frontend TypeScript Webpack project with Jest for testing.


Versioning is managed manually, and follows the same pattern as Lerna fixed mode. Lerna is not used due to a trilemma that the Lerna maintainer refuses to resolve:

  • A PR should correctly modify version.json and package version numbers.
  • For minor or patch changes, the packages that changed need their version set to the new version in version.json.
  • For major version changes, all packages should have their version numbers set to the new version in version.json.
  • All changes across all packages are tracked in the CHANGELOG.
  • After merging the PR to master, the repository should be tagged with the new version number.

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