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YouTube Channel Whitelist for uBlock Origin


Chrome Web Store

Firefox Addons


For uBlock Origin, add the following line to your Trusted Sites:


Although this extension was designed for uBlock Origin, you can also use it with Adblock Plus, AdBlock and other adblockers compatible with ADP filters if you use the following filter:


For convenience, I've created this filter list which can be imported to Opera's Native Adblocker



If you are multilingual, you can help by contributing some translations here:

Feel free to contribute at your leisure.

Packaging instructions

Start by installing gulp and other build dependencies by running:

npm install --only=dev

Then replace the key in /shared/manifest.json with either your own key or a string in email format (e.g. [email protected])

Finally build the packages by running in the root directory:

gulp build

The packages will be created in /dist/, ready for submission as an extension, and the debug folders will be updated.


To start development on uBO-YouTube, simply install the required global packages, download the source and install it's required local packages, start the websockets server with gulp watch and load the extension. It will automatically reload the extension as changes are made.

Install globals

npm install -g gulp typescript

Clone uBO YouTube, install the required modules and start the development server.

git clone
cd uBO-YouTube
npm install --only=dev
gulp watch

To temporarily install the extension on Firefox, you need to first enter the "Debug Addons" page, available through the menu on the Addons page. Then click "Load Temporary Addon", and point to uBO-YouTube/dist/webext/debug and click on any file in the directory to load the extension.

To temporarily install the extension on Chrome, you can load uBO-YouTube/dist/chrome/debug as an unpacked extension

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