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ShadowsocksX-NG with SSR support.


It's hard to maintain the original implement. There are too many unused code in it. It also embed ss-local source. It's crazy to maintain depandences of ss-local. So it's hard to update ss-local version.

Now I just copy the ss-local from home brew. Run ss-local executable as a Launch Agent in background. Serve pac js file as a file url. So there are only some souce code related to GUI left. Then I rewrite the GUI code by swift.



  • macOS 10.12 +


  • Xcode 11.1+
  • cocoapod 1.8.4+


  • SSR features!
  • Ability to check update from GitHub.
  • White domain list & white IP list
  • Use ss-local from shadowsocksr-libev 2.5.6
  • Ability to update PAC by download GFW List from GitHub. (You can even customize your list)
  • Ability to update ACL white list from GutHub. (You can even customize your list)
  • Show QRCode for current server profile.
  • Scan QRCode from screen.
  • Import config.json to config all your servers (SSR-C# password protect not supported yet)
  • Auto launch at login.
  • User rules for PAC.
  • Support for OTA is removed
  • An advance preferences panel to configure:
    • Local socks5 listen address.
    • Local socks5 listen port.
    • Local socks5 timeout.
    • If enable UDP relay.
    • GFW List url.
    • ACL White List url.
    • ACL GFW list and proxy bach CHN list.
  • Manual spesify network service profiles which would be configure the proxy.
  • Could reorder shadowsocks profiles by drag & drop in servers preferences panel.
  • Auto check update (unable to auto download)

Different from orignal ShadowsocksX

Run ss-local as backgroud service through launchd, not in app process. So after you quit the app, the ss-local maybe is still running.

Add a manual mode which won't configure the system proxy settings. Then you could configure your apps to use socks5 proxy manual.


Contributions must be available on a separately named branch based on the latest version of the main branch develop.

ref: GitFlow


The project is released under the terms of GPLv3.

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