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Docker Hub; wyveo/craftcms-docker License MIT


This is a Craft 3 / Craft 2 base running on the nginx-php-fpm docker image.


Docker Tag Git Branch Craft Release Database Caching
latest craft3 PostgreSQL 12.5 Redis 6.0.10
craft2 craft2 2.7.10 MariaDB 10.5.1 Redis 5.0.7


  • Nginx 1.19.x, PHP-FPM 8.0.x, Git 2.20.x
  • imageMagick image manipulation library

Clone repo and run

To run, clone the git repo and run docker-compose up:

version craft3

$ git clone
$ cd craftcms-docker
$ sudo docker-compose up -d

navigate to http://<HOSTNAME>/index.php?p=admin to begin installing Craft 3. NOTE: if the above url doesn't work, try navigating to http://<HOSTNAME>/admin/install instead.

version craft2

$ git clone -b craft2 --single-branch
$ cd craftcms-docker
$ sudo docker-compose up -d

navigate to http://<HOSTNAME>/admin to begin installing Craft 2.

Editing CraftCMS files

You can access the CraftCMS volume by going to the physical location of the craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data volume.

$ docker volume ls
local      craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data
local      craftcmsdocker_craftcms-logs
local      craftcmsdocker_postgresql-data

$ docker volume inspect craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data
    "CreatedAt": "2018-05-17T11:35:52+02:00",
    "Driver": "local",
    "Labels": null,
    "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data/_data"
    "Name": "craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data",
    "Options": {},
    "Scope": "local"

$ cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/craftcmsdocker_craftcms-data/_data

This directory is where the CraftCMS files live, and where you can edit/update/backup whatever you need.

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