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Much like John the Ripper, without all the fancy shit. Just reads from a wordlist and cracks hashes.




Then run:

$ ./hashcrack 
Creating 8 threads

Usage:   hashcrack [options]

Options: --wordlist, -w [filename]: The wordlist to check against
         --format,   -f [hash_fun]: The hash function (md5|sha|sha1|sha256|sha512)
         --target,   -t [hash]:     The hash to check
         --amount,   -a [amount]:   Amount of hashing
         --newlines, -n:            Whether to hash with newlines
         --help,     -h:            Prints this message

  Crack the MD5 hash of the word 'test'
    hashcrack -f md5 -t 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 -w /path/to/wordlist
  Crack the double MD5 hash of the word 'test'
    hashcrack -f md5 -t fb469d7ef430b0baf0cab6c436e70375 -a 2 -w /path/to/wordlist
  Crack the MD5 hash of the word 'test' that's followed by a newline
    hashcrack -f md5 -t d8e8fca2dc0f896fd7cb4cb0031ba249 -n -w /path/to/wordlist

Example usage:

./hashcrack -w english.txt -f sha256 -t 9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0c55ad015a3bf4f1b2b0b822cd15d6c15b0f00a08

The same when searching for a string with newlines at the end:

./hashcrack -w english.txt -f sha256 -t f2ca1bb6c7e907d06dafe4687e579fce76b37e4e93b7605022da52e6ccc26fd2 -n

The above commands should output something like the following:

Creating 4 threads
Reading ../SecLists/Passwords/english.txt and producing sha256 with newlines
The result is (with a newline): test
Found it after 301649 tries and 1.953693 seconds!

Then there's the amount of nesting. In other words, a hash within a hash. In the example below we have the word 'zeta' hashed twice.

./hashcrack --wordlist ../SecLists/Passwords/english.txt --format sha512 --target 9bfdb2e82597de7542396cc07cad208053e2d769f31024d8e8c552a58e59e908b4e4392a9436d459005cbbb46547c341d6b07aa31ebcecc2955fe5db19fbfe09 -a 2

This should return the following:

Creating 8 threads
Reading ../SecLists/Passwords/english.txt and producing sha512
Hashing 2 times.
The result is (without a newline): zeta
Found it after 346561 tries and 9.854559 seconds!


Either build one with John The Ripper:

john --wordlist=wordlist.txt --rules --stdout > mutated.txt

Or get em from here.


But, why?

Because I am...


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