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📡 minimap.vim

Blazing fast minimap for vim, powered by 🛰 code-minimap written in Rust.

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✨ Features

  • Blazing-fast (see benchmark).
  • Dynamic scaling.
  • Real-time highlight.
  • It can be used to scroll buffer (in vim's way!).

📥 Installation


  • 🛰code-minimap is required. The plugin receives rendered minimap from it.
  • vim8.2+, or neovim 0.5.0+.

Use your favorite plugin manager, vim-plug for example:

Plug 'wfxr/minimap.vim'

If you need to install the plugin manually, you can refer to this issue: #2.

You can use cargo to install 'code-minimap' simultaneously (Only recommended for rust users):

Plug 'wfxr/minimap.vim', {'do': ':!cargo install --locked code-minimap'}

📑 Example configuration

let g:minimap_width = 10
let g:minimap_auto_start = 1
let g:minimap_auto_start_win_enter = 1

🛠 Commands

Flag Description
Minimap Show minimap window
MinimapClose Close minimap window
MinimapToggle Toggle minimap window
MinimapRefresh Force refresh minimap window
MinimapUpdateHighlight Force update minimap highlight

⚙ Options

Flag Default Description
g:minimap_auto_start 0 if set minimap will show at startup
g:minimap_auto_start_win_enter 0 if set with g:minimap_auto_start minimap shows on WinEnter
g:minimap_width 10 the width of the minimap window in characters
g:minimap_highlight Title the color group for current position
g:minimap_base_highlight Normal the base color group for minimap
g:minimap_block_filetypes ['fugitive', 'nerdtree', 'tagbar' ] disable minimap for specific file types
g:minimap_block_buftypes ['nofile', 'nowrite', 'quickfix', 'terminal', 'prompt'] disable minimap for specific buffer types
g:minimap_close_filetypes ['startify', 'netrw', 'vim-plug'] close minimap for specific file types
g:minimap_close_buftypes [] close minimap for specific buffer types
g:minimap_left 0 if set minimap window will append left
g:minimap_highlight_range 0 if set minimap will highlight range of visible lines
g:minimap_git_colors 0 if set minimap will highlight range of changes as reported by git
g:minimap_diffadd_color DiffAdd the color group for added lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_diffremove_color DiffDelete the color group for removed lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_diff_color DiffChange the color group for modified lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_highlight_search 0 if set minimap will highlight searched patterns
g:minimap_search_color Search the color group for highlighted search patterns in the minimap
g:minimap_search_color_priority 120 the priority for the search highlight colors
g:minimap_cursor_color_priority 110 the priority for the cursor highlight colors
g:minimap_git_color_priority 100 the priority for the git grouping of colors

💬 F.A.Q

Highlight and scroll are not working properly.

Check the vim version you are using. minimap.vim requires vim 8.2+ or neovim 0.5.0+.

Integrated with diagnostics or git status plugins?

Not implemented currently but it should be possible. Welcome to contribute!

update: Git support has been implemented #72.

Minimap window is too wide for me, how to use it as a simple scrollbar?

You can reduce the width of the minimap window:

let g:minimap_width = 2

Or use scrollbar.nvim instead if what you want is a pure scrollbar indicator.

How do the color priorities work?

A higher priority color group will override a lower priority color group. By default, search > cursor/window position > git colors

I don't like the default highlight group, how to change it?

Choose any one of the highlight groups (or define a new one) and just set it for minimap like this:

hi MinimapCurrentLine ctermfg=Green guifg=#50FA7B guibg=#32302f
let g:minimap_highlight = 'MinimapCurrentLine'

All existed Highlight groups can be displayed by :hi.

Minimap shows up as a jumble of characters?

Check that your encoding is set to utf-8 and not latin1 (for Vim users). Also, ensure that you're using a Unicode-compatible font that has Braille characters in it.

What is g:minimap_highlight_range and how do you use it?

You can have the minimap highlight all the visible lines in your current window by setting g:minimap_highlight_range. If you use Neovim, and your version is recent enough (after November 7, 2020), you can set this option to update the highlight when the window is scrolled.


I'm using g:minimap_highlight_search and the highlighted searches don't go away until I :nohlsearch and save!

It is recommended that you create a mapping to run :nohlsearch and clear the minimap all in one action. For example:

nnoremap <silent> `` :nohlsearch<CR>:call minimap#vim#ClearColorSearch()<CR>

📋 Running Unit Tests

  • Install Testify.
  • From the top level directory (minimap.vim/) vim +TestifySuite for a yay/nay from your shell.
  • For a more detailed run, open vim at the top level and run :TestifySuite. works, but an empty buffer at the top level works too.
  • To hone in on one test file, open that file (located in the t/ directory) and run :TestifyFile.
    • (As a note, the t/ directory is named such as a requirement from Testify. :TestifySuite runs all the tests in the t/ directory)

📦 Related Projects

🌼 Maintainers

wfxr rabirabirara ZNielsen
wfxr rabirabirara ZNielsen

📃 License

MIT (c) Wenxuan Zhang

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