An open source, turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme.
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An open source, turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme.
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Open source clone of Theme Hospital
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Simple Beat Saber Mod Installer
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Simple and beautiful memory game for kids
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EZGUI - The missing GUI for Pixi.js and Phaser.io
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Lightweight snake game running in the console
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This is a theme in CSS3 to simulate the interfaxes of the game CyberPunk 2077.
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Pegasus Frontend theme gameOS
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An open-source re-implementation of Bullfrog's Sim Theme Park / Theme Park World (1999)
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License: GPL v2

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The Battle for Wesnoth is an Open Source, turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme, featuring both singleplayer and online/hotseat multiplayer combat. Fight a desperate battle to reclaim the throne of Wesnoth, search for the key to immortality, or take part in any number of other adventures.


The official Battle for Wesnoth Forums: https://forums.wesnoth.org/

Discord: https://discord.gg/battleforwesnoth

IRC: https://wiki.wesnoth.org/Support#IRC

Mastodon: https://fosstodon.org/@wesnoth

Steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/599390/discussions/


  • A variety of different campaigns, each with their own tactical challenges, emotionally charged story, and multiple difficulty levels.
  • A detailed world and storytelling with hundreds of sprites, animations, and characters.
  • Many different unit skills and traits across several factions.
  • A map editor with multiple tools, hundreds types of terrain, and the ability for you to save and share maps with others. Create your own scenarios/battles for near infinite replayability.
  • Highly moddable, allowing a wide array of community created map packs, eras, and entire campaigns.
  • Online and local multiplayer gameplay to play with friends, strangers, or against the AI.
  • Changeable settings for base gameplay, with nearly limitless options for different hotkey configurations.
  • Beautifully composed playlist that captures the era and grandiosity of this lore-filled high-fantasy world.


Wesnoth can be played on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can be installed using:

Additionally, Wesnoth is available for iOS and Android.

To build the game from source, see INSTALL for instructions.


Wesnoth is most in need of skilled C++ developers (C++14 and later), however there are things that nearly anyone can help with:

  • Simple tasks in C++.
  • The Lua and WML used for content scripting.
  • Python used by various external tools.
  • Even play testing and giving feedback on updated campaigns!

Additionally, Wesnoth lacks art for a variety of unit animations - anyone who would be interested in lending a hand in updating existing unit sprites or creating animations should take a look at the Art Contributions forum as well as contact our current art director.


For any questions, the best place to start is to simply join Wesnoth's forums, Discord, or IRC and start asking!


Donations can be sent via Software in the Public Interest, Liberapay, as well as when downloading through itch.io. All money donated is used to pay for project expenses such as server rent and art commissions, and is very much appreciated.


All source code is licensed under the GNU GPL v2+. Most art and music is also licensed under the GNU GPL v2+, however new contributions are now licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA v4.0. For more detailed information on Wesnoth's licensing, see the wiki:


More Information

For extensive documentation about all aspects of the game, see the official Battle for Wesnoth web site:

https://www.wesnoth.org/ https://wiki.wesnoth.org/

A (translated) description of how to play the game can be found in doc/manual/manual.*.html, or online at:


For information on creating your own maps, scenarios, and other content, see:



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