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Streaming torrent client (with WebRTC support in Node.js)

In node.js, the webtorrent package only connects to normal TCP/UDP peers, not WebRTC peers. If you want to connect to all types of peers, including WebRTC peers, from node.js, you need to use this package (webtorrent-hybrid).


To install WebTorrent:

npm install webtorrent-hybrid

To install a webtorrent-hybrid command line program, run:

npm install webtorrent-hybrid -g


webtorrent-hybrid has the same command line interface (CLI) and module API as webtorrent. Just require('webtorrent-hybrid') instead of require('webtorrent').

See the WebTorrent docs.


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh and WebTorrent, LLC.

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