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Guides, documentation, and all things webpack.

Content Progress

Now that we've covered much of the backlog of missing documentation, we are starting to heavily review each section of the site's content to sort and structure it appropriately. The following issues should provide a pretty good idea of where things are, and where they are going:

We haven't created issues for the other sections yet, but they will be coming soon. For dev-related work please see General - Updates & Fixes.


To help translate this documentation please jump to the translation branch.


Since webpack 4 we have created a subdomain-based archive for older states of documentation matching older webpack version. Webpack 4's documentation is available at and is deployed from gh-pages branch of repository

There are various known issues that need fixing (#3366).


Read through the writer's guide if you're interested in editing the content on this site. See the contributors page to learn how to set up and start working on the site locally.


The content is available under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.

Special Thanks

BrowserStack has graciously allowed us to do cross-browser and cross-os testing of the site at no cost...


Vercel has given us a Pro account.


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