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Awesome Open Source


The Visual Programming Editor for Webduino.

Google's Blockly is a web-based, visual programming editor. Users can drag blocks together to build programs.



git clone
cd webduino-blockly
npm install
bower install


npm run start

Navigate to and start hacking!

Generated-Code Usage

You can use the code which generated by Webduino Blockly in your own application

Our APIs support both browser and Node.js, here's how you use it:

In Browser

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src="//"></script>
  <script src="webduino-blockly.js"></script>
    // Paste the code generated by Blockly here.

In Node.js

Require the module first by:


// ... The code generated by Webduino Blockly.


Webduino-Blockly is released under the MIT License.

Please read LICENSE for more information.

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