Workbase Server

Slack alternative, email integrated, build with Meteor
Alternatives To Workbase Server
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Workbase Server286
2 years ago9gpl-3.0Java
Slack alternative, email integrated, build with Meteor
Ground Control190
8 years ago1mitCSS
A next generation blog, built in Meteor.
Meteor Emails95
5 years ago9November 29, 201617mitJavaScript
Improved Meteor emails with templating, previews and automated CSS/SCSS inlining.
2 months ago7apache-2.0Vue
L'atelier, a project management tool
Meteor Emails82
2 years ago2mitJavaScript
Send cold emails for free! Completely free and open source project to fight against sales stagnation in your company
Meteor Accounts Passwordless50
7 years ago1May 13, 20153mitJavaScript
Passwordless for token-based one-time password (OTPW) authentication
Gh Release Watch45
8 years ago6mitJavaScript
Watches github repositories for new tags, and lets you know when they are released
Angular Meteor Boilerplate38
8 years ago1TypeScript
Full Featured Angular Meteor Boilerplate
Meteor Pretty Email38
7 years ago3October 22, 201511HTML
Pretty emails for meteor
3 years ago25otherJavaScript
Services for Sandstorm self-hosters: Dynamic DNS & HTTPS certificates
Alternatives To Workbase Server
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WorkBase is an open source, private cloud message service.
It's based on email protocol which means it can connect anyone with an email address.

Project Dependencies CircleCI Codacy Badge Maintainability GPL 3.0 License

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You'll have the following features and even more

  • Emails
  • Chats
  • Groups
  • Channels
  • Mobile App

Why WorkBase

Source: COI - Chat Over IMAP

Most popular messaging services are currently proprietary, closed and operated by single providers. This leads to several problems:


The provider knows all about your social network: when you communicate with whom, the frequency of your communication and the number, type and length of your messages – even with end to end encryption in place.

Unfair competition

Service providers depend on the rules set by the messaging owner and access to the API for participation. If the messaging provider changes the rules or API, you are out of luck and must adapt fast.

Lock in

Users cannot simply change to another provider; all their friends and peers are on that popular service. If they want to switch, they would need to convince all their friends to join the new service too. Other side effects are they would lose all their conversation history, if they dare to move away. Also, if you don’t like the new app version? Bad luck, you cannot go anywhere else!


Each network is closed and the users in that network are isolated. This means restricted movement between silos, no new innovation outside the controlling power, no new players, no resistance to attacks (single source code) and it simply goes against the philosophy of the internet: freedom, innovation and growth around the use of common standards.

Closed Ecosystem

The network is only controlled by a single party, you cannot start hosting your own WhatsApp, WeChat or FB Messenger Service.

No Choice

Some large providers, like Facebook, control many of the popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger making it feel like there is no real choice.

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