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A simple static site generator with an integrated toolchain for efficient development and delivery. Click here to see it live on Netlify.


Bowman is a simple static site generator powered by Node.js, Webpack, and Browsersync. Bowman comes with pre-configured scripts to bundle assets, generate markup, and hot-reload pages. Pages are generated using the J.E.N. technology core (JSON - data, EJS - templating, Node.js - markup generation).


Install globally:

    npm i -g @waldronmatt/bowman

Create project:

   create-bowman-starter -y

Install dependencies:

    npm install

Getting Started

Run dev environment:

    npm run dev

Build and serve for production:

    npm run build


Use core front-end languages and JavaScript-like technologies to build your site.

  • Next-Gen JavaScript
  • Sass
  • EJS - generate HTML markup with plain JavaScript
  • JSON - store page text/data


Utilize a complete workflow of industry-leading software:

  • Webpack: module bundler
  • Browsersync: Development server for serving assets
  • Autoprefixer: Automatically add vendor prefixes to styles
  • Babel: Transpile to different versions of EcmaScript
  • Browserlist: Configure which browsers will be supported
  • Prettier: Formatter for scripts and styles
  • ESLint: Linting for scripts
  • StyleLint: Linting for styles
  • EditorConfig: general file formatter for your editor/IDE


Take advantage of Bowman's build scripts with performance and best practices built in:

  • Bowman
    • Recursively find, generate, and minify html markup
    • JSON cache prevention and file watch debouncing for robust page hot-reloading
  • Webpack
    • Recursively find and output entry points
    • Transpile Next-Gen JavaScript using Babel
    • Compile Sass using Webpack loaders
    • Manifest generation for assets so you can reference in your markup
    • Minify js and css
    • Compress images and generate next-gen image formats
  • Browsersync
    • Serve pages and assets for development

Bowman Starter Template

Bowman comes with a default template with the following features:

  • ~100% Lighthouse Score on Mobile and Desktop (Excluding PWA)
  • Contains popular, pre-configured webpack optimizations with examples:
    • cache busting using [contenthash]
    • code splitting
    • tree-shaking
  • Polyfill support
  • Eliminates render blocking js/css
  • Next-gen image and fallback support for production builds
  • Critical css and favicon generation
  • Popular css reset and normalizing libraries
  • Suggested folder structure for an organized project


Create the markup



    <h1><%= %></h1>

    <div class="container">
        <p><%= %></p>

Create the data



        "title": "My Page",
        "info": {
            "header": "Hello World!",
            "description": "This is my cool new page."


Read the full documentation


Bowman has several caveats/unsupported features:

  • file/folder structures must match for page data and markup
    • the decision was made to keep both build/content/ and build/data/ the same structure in order to easily automate variable page generation
  • webpack prefetch and preload needs webpack html-webpack-plugin to work
  • font file cache-busting not supported


Pull requests are welcome! For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.




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