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CodeIgniter 3 Bootstrap

Latest Build: 2017-03-24

Note: This project is still in progress, but welcome for any issues encountered

A starter template that supports multi-tenant (Frontend / Admin Panel / API) website in a single application.

This repository is developed upon the following tools:


This repository contains setup for rapid development:

  • Multi-tenant (e.g. Frontend Website, Admin Panel, API) website in single application
  • Modular design by CodeIgniter HMVC extension
  • Custom config files (sites.php, locale.php) for easy configuration of website behavior
  • Admin Panel with AdminLTE v2 theme, and Grocery CRUD integration
  • Admin Panel includes usage of Sortable library
  • API Site with Swagger UI integrated, via annotations supported by swagger-php library
  • API Site to handle RESTful endpoints, with shortcut functions to grab parameters and display results
  • User authentication for Frontend Website (Sign Up, Login, Forgot Password, etc.)
  • User authentication for Admin Panel (Login, Change Password, etc.)
  • Preset layouts and templates
  • Preset asset pipeline (e.g. minify scripts, image optimization) via gulp (reference from gulp-starter)
  • Preset data structure for Blogging (with pagination) and Cover Photos (carousel), which can be managed from Admin Panel
  • Form Builder library to help with form rendering with Bootstrap theme, form validation, etc.
  • Breadcrumb and Pagination handling fit with Bootstrap theme
  • Custom 404 pages for Frontend Website and Admin Panel
  • Multilingual support
  • Email config setup
  • Functions to be called from CLI (e.g. daily cron job, database backup)
  • ... more coming!

Demo Project

A demo repository can be found from:

Server Environment

Below configuration are preferred; other environments are not well-tested, but still feel free to report and issues.

  • PHP 5.6+
  • Apache 2.2+ with rewrite mod enabled
  • MySQL 5.5+ (not tested on MariaDB)

Setup Guide

  1. git clone this repo
  2. Create a database (e.g. named "ci_bootstrap_3"), then import /sql/latest.sql into MySQL server
  3. Make sure the database config (/application/config/database.php) is set correctly
  4. You should be able to access Frontend Website, Admin Panel and API Site (with Swagger Doc) respectively
  5. Visit the Demo Controllers (exist in both Frontend / Admin Panel / API) for sample usage

Note For more advanced workflow (includes repo upgrade), please have a look on my suggestion in this issue. After release the v1.0 version, I will try to keep the upgrade procedure more developer friendly.

Admin Users (and default login accounts)

There are 4 preset users for Admin Panel:

  • Webmaster (default username & password are both "webmaster", belongs to the webmaster group)
  • Admin (default username & password are both "admin", belongs to the admin group)
  • Manager (default username & password are both "manager", belongs to the manager group)
  • Staff (default username & password are both "staff", belongs to the staff group)

Folder Structure

Explanation on the folder structure which supports HMVC (only showing the highlighted folders and files).

application/                    --- Main CodeIgniter source files
        production/             --- Configuration when ENVIRONMENT is set as "production"
        autoload.php            --- By default, some files are loaded for this repo
        ci_bootstrap.php        --- Core configuration file for all sites
        database.php            --- Need to verify to ensure connection with MySQL database
        email.php               --- Created to centralize email configuration (default: using Mailgun)
        form_validation.php     --- Created to centralize validation forms for all forms, include ReCAPTCHA settings
        routes.php              --- Changed default controller from Welcome to Home
    controllers/                --- Controllers for Frontend Website; extends from MY_Controller (except Cli)
        Cli.php                 --- Utility function that can only be called from command line
        Home.php                --- Default controller for Frontend Website
    core/                       --- Extending CodeIgniter core classes; can also be used within modules
        MY_Controller.php       --- Important class which contains shared logic of all controllers
        MY_Loader.php           --- Required for HMVC extension
        MY_Model.php            --- Contains shared function for model classes
        MY_Router.php           --- Required for HMVC extension
    helpers/                    --- Contains custom helper functions being used throughout this repo
    language/                   --- Preset language files
    libraries/                  --- Custom libraries (e.g. Form Builder, System Message)
        MY_Email.php            --- Enhanced email library, includes work with Mailgun API
    models/                     --- Sample model extending from MY_Model
    modules/                    --- Each module can be accessed by http://{base_url}/{module_name}/{module_controller}/, etc.
        admin/                  --- Module for Admin Panel
            config/             --- Configuration for Admin Panel (overriding application/config/)
            controllers/        --- Controllers for Admin Panel; also extends from MY_Controller
            libraries/          --- Libraries specific for Admin Panel
            models/             --- Models only being used in Admin Panel
            views/              --- Views for Admin Panel; can reuse Frontend views, or override by using same path/filename
        adminlte/               --- Module with AdminLTE widgets
        api/                    --- Another module specific for API endpoints
    third_party/				--- 3rd party files (HMVC extension, Grocery CRUD, Rest Server, etc.)
    views/                      --- Views for Frontend Website, can also be used by modules unless overrided
assets/                         --- Folder for public files
    api/                        --- Swagger UI assets
    dist/                       --- Post-processed scripts and images via gulp tasks (don't manually edit files here!)
    grocery_crud/               --- Asset files from Grocery CRUD library
    image_crud/                 --- Asset files from Image CRUD library
    uploads/                    --- Default folder for upload files, where permission should set as writable
gulpfile.js/                    --- Task runner following gulp-starter practice
    tasks/                      --- Gulp tasks
    config.js                   --- Configuration for Gulp tasks
screenshots/                    --- Screenshot images for preview
sql/                            --- MySQL files
    backup/                     --- Files which will be created when backup database from CLI
    core/                       --- Files contains core data (e.g. Ion Auth)
    latest.sql                  --- Latest version of all preset data
src/                            --- Folder for non-public source files
    css/                        --- Custom CSS files append to each site
    images/                     --- Source image files before optimization
    js/                         --- Custom CSS files append to each site
    sass/                       --- SASS files for styling
    theme/                      --- Default folder for additional theme files
system/                         --- CodeIgniter core files (unchanged as clean CI3 installation)
.htaccess                       --- URL rewrite for Apache web server (require mod enabled)

Preset Gulp Tasks

The gulpfile.js folder is prepared with following tasks available:

  • default: run build task first, then watch for file change
  • build: run imagemin, cssmin and uglify tasks in parallel
  • rebuild: run clean task first, then copy, imagemin, cssmin and uglify tasks in parallel
  • clean: remove all files inside the dist folder (default: /assets/dist)
  • copy: copy required files to dist folder
  • cssmin: concat and minify CSS files
  • imagemin: optimize images (jpg, png, gif, svg) and output to dist folder (default: /assets/dist/images)
  • uglify: concat and minify (uglify) JS files
  • watch: monitor JS / CSS / image files and execute specific tasks upon changes


Frontend - Home:

Admin Panel - Home:

More screenshots can be viewed from the screenshots folder under this repository.


  • Changelog file
  • Better documentation (e.g. on Gitbook)
  • Enhance Form Builder library to support more field types
  • Grocery CRUD / Image CRUD file upload - add Amazon S3 integration
  • Grocery CRUD / Image CRUD image upload - add cropping feature

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