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A MacOS application with beautiful interface and powerful functions, it formats JSON and generates model class code in the corresponding language, supports multiple development languages and its popular third-party class libraries, multiple configuration options, and flexibly builds classes


  • Custom adjustment layout, rich text display, theme switching (support 185 languages and 89 styles)
  • The configuration items are automatically memorized, no need to repeat the configuration every time
  • JSON verification, class name anti-duplication, type deduction, powerful functions
  • Preview and export the generated corresponding rich text model class
  • Automatic conversion of custom configuration file header, root class name, parent class name, class prefix, and underscore camel case to meet various personalized needs
  • Array model attribute integrity check to generate the most complete model
  • ...

Supported languages


01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png 05.png 06.png 07.png


  • Direct download Release Packages
  • Clone source code, execute build in Xcode, copy to Application folder



Because some languages or frameworks have not been actually used, I do not know whether the model construction is reasonable. If you have better suggestions, please submit PR/Issues, thank you! , If you like it, please star to encourage me! 😁

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