Vue Class Component

ES / TypeScript decorator for class-style Vue components.
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Vue Class Component5,8123,9894,11625 days ago48November 20, 202099mitTypeScript
ES / TypeScript decorator for class-style Vue components.
Vue Property Decorator5,4973,2004,0716 months ago47March 09, 2021109mitTypeScript
Vue.js and Property Decorator
Vuex Module Decorators1,80196157a month ago46November 22, 2021143mitTypeScript
TypeScript/ES7 Decorators to create Vuex modules declaratively
Vue Extended626321420 days ago29May 14, 202139mitJavaScript
:v::zap: bindings for Vue.js and Vuex (inspired by
Vue Typescript Dpapp Demo578
4 years ago6mitJavaScript
:fire: Let's start with TypeScript
Rxweb3909673 months ago98May 09, 202242mitTypeScript
Tons of extensively featured packages for Angular, VUE and React Projects
Vue Typescript3631367 years ago15July 28, 201611mitTypeScript
Typescript decorators to make vue feel more typescripty
Nuxt Property Decorator348100362 years ago28January 15, 20219mitJavaScript
Property decorators for Nuxt (base on vue-property-decorator)
Apollo Storybook Decorator334
2 years ago58JavaScript
Wrap your storybook environment with Apollo Client, provide mocks for isolated UI testing with GraphQL
Vue Vuex Typescript Demo298
5 years ago3TypeScript
Vue2.5+ + Vuex + Typescript 示例
Alternatives To Vue Class Component
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[DEPRECATED] Vue Class Component

⚠️ Notice

This library is no longer actively maintained. It is no longer recommend to use Class-based components in Vue 3. The recommended way to use Vue 3 in large applications is Single-File Components, Composition API, and <script setup>. If you still want to use classes, check out the community-maintained project vue-facing-decorator.

Additionally, if you're interested in migrating out of class components, you might find the CLI tool vue-class-migrator helpful for the transition.

ECMAScript / TypeScript decorator for class-style Vue components.

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Please note, documentation for v8 is not ready yet. Check out the readme in the respective branch or see v8 proposals in the issue list

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Contribute to Vue Class Component using a fully featured online development environment that will automatically: clone the repo, install the dependencies and start the docs web server and run yarn dev.

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