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node.pas & nodepaslib

Asynchronous Event-driven server applications framework

nodepaslib (, nodepaslib32.dll, nodepaslib64.dll)

One dynamic library configured to use two static libraries in Delphi:

  • libuv-v1.32.0
  • openssl-1.1.1d

also compilled-in misc functions and http_parser.

Support platforms: Win32, Win64, Linux64

node.pas framework

The idea of the framework is to develop a server application with the Delphi language using the NodeJS approach. The framework is based on Delphi closures.

NodeJS-like ecosystem

  • Buffer
  • loop
  • setImmediate/nextTick
  • setTimeout/setInterval
  • udp/tcp/pipe/tty
  • shared handle over pipes
  • fs/fswatch
  • child process
  • Http(s) server/client
  • EventEmitter
  • Promises
  • JSON (Number values is integer for now)
  • JS-like Object/Array (JSON also. Number is Double or int64)
  • There is no Streams for now!
  • There is no documentation yet. But since the syntax is close to Node, it will be easy to understand the examples presented.

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