PHP Client and Router Library for Autobahn and WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) for Real-Time Application Messaging
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3 months ago282otherPython - WAMP application router
Thruway64963172 years ago33February 18, 202231mitPHP
PHP Client and Router Library for Autobahn and WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) for Real-Time Application Messaging
Wampsharp38352193 months ago95August 30, 202337otherC#
A C# implementation of WAMP (The Web Application Messaging Protocol)
2 years ago1January 29, 201532mitGo
Go implementation of a WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) client and router
Nexus244112 months ago14September 23, 202321mitGo
Full-feature WAMP v2 router and client written in Go
22 years ago9September 07, 20208mitPHP
A Simplified Client for WAMP v2 (Web Application Messaging Protocol) with command line support - PHP WebSocket Made Easy
Wamp.io794210 years ago4May 29, 201313JavaScript
An implementation of the Autobahn WebSockets RPC/PubSub: WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) for WebSocket.IO or Engine.IO
110 months ago2September 14, 201511apache-2.0Elixir
Spell is a Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) client implementation in Elixir. WAMP is an open standard WebSocket subprotocol that provides two application messaging patterns in one unified protocol: Remote Procedure Calls + Publish & Subscribe:
Clj Wamp55
38 years ago16October 05, 20156epl-1.0Clojure
WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) for Clojure and HTTP Kit
Wampire291a year ago5June 01, 20224mitRust
Asynchronous Rust implementation of a WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) client and router
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Thruway is an open source client and router implementation of WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol), for PHP. Thruway uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model (reactphp), perfect for modern real-time applications.

Supported WAMP Features

Basic Spec read more

  • Publish and Subscribe
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Websocket Transport
  • Internal Transport*
  • JSON serialization

Advanced Spec read more

  • RawSocket Transport
  • Authentication
  • WAMP Challenge-Response Authentication
  • Custom Authentication Methods
  • Authorization
  • Publish & Subscribe
  • Subscriber Black and Whitelisting
  • Publisher Exclusion
  • Publisher Identification
  • Subscriber Meta Events
  • Event History*
  • Subscription Matching
  • Prefix matching
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Caller Identification
  • Progressive Call Results
  • Distributed Registrations & Calls*
  • Caller Exclusion
  • Canceling Calls

* Thruway specific features


Thruway is only supported on PHP 5.6 and up.

Quick Start with Composer

Create a directory for the test project

  $ mkdir thruway

Switch to the new directory

  $ cd thruway

Download Composer more info

  $ curl -sS | php

Download Thruway and dependencies

  $ php composer.phar require voryx/thruway

If you're going to also use the Thruway Client install a client transport. You'll need this to run the examples

  $ php composer.phar require thruway/pawl-transport

Start the WAMP router

  $ php vendor/voryx/thruway/Examples/SimpleWsRouter.php

Thruway is now running on port 9090

PHP Client Example


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Thruway\ClientSession;
use Thruway\Peer\Client;
use Thruway\Transport\PawlTransportProvider;

$client = new Client("realm1");
$client->addTransportProvider(new PawlTransportProvider("ws://"));

$client->on('open', function (ClientSession $session) {

    // 1) subscribe to a topic
    $onevent = function ($args) {
        echo "Event {$args[0]}\n";
    $session->subscribe('com.myapp.hello', $onevent);

    // 2) publish an event
    $session->publish('com.myapp.hello', ['Hello, world from PHP!!!'], [], ["acknowledge" => true])->then(
        function () {
            echo "Publish Acknowledged!\n";
        function ($error) {
            // publish failed
            echo "Publish Error {$error}\n";

    // 3) register a procedure for remoting
    $add2 = function ($args) {
        return $args[0] + $args[1];
    $session->register('com.myapp.add2', $add2);

    // 4) call a remote procedure
    $session->call('com.myapp.add2', [2, 3])->then(
        function ($res) {
            echo "Result: {$res}\n";
        function ($error) {
            echo "Call Error: {$error}\n";


Javascript Clients

You can also use AutobahnJS or any other WAMPv2 compatible client.

Here are some [examples] (tavendo/AutobahnJS)

Here's a plunker that will allow you to run some tests against a local router

For AngularJS on the frontend, use the Angular WAMP wrapper.

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