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Gem Src208
a year ago23October 14, 20204mitRuby
Gem.post_install { `git clone gem_source src` }
Puppet Pre Commit Hook60
2 years ago2mitShell
A Puppet pre-commit hook to validate syntax
14 years agoRuby
A fresh Rails 3.0 app with generators, Rack::Bug with Orchestra and Thorfile examples.
Vim Bundler21
12 years ago5April 25, 2012mitRuby
Bundler for vim
11 years agoJavaScript
Examples for the Mobile Web Apps course at Aalto
Egov Buildpack V3.818
4 years agoapache-2.0Ruby
3 months ago29bsd-3-clauseRuby
a year ago2JavaScript
Red list assessment tool
Dotenv Example15
9 years agoRuby
A tutorial on using the dotenv gem to separate sensitive data (e.g., passwords, tokens) from your code.
Rails Seminar Materials13
8 years ago1mitRuby
The app and materials related to my learn rails seminar
Alternatives To F2pehp
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