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DevToys helps in daily tasks like formatting JSON, comparing text, testing RegExp. No need to use many untruthful websites to do simple tasks with your data. With Smart Detection, DevToys is able to detect the best tool that can treat the data you copied in the clipboard of your Windows. Compact overlay lets you keep the app in small and on top of other windows. Multiple instances of the app can be used at once.

Many tools are available.

  • Converters
    • JSON <> YAML
    • Timestamp
    • Number Base
    • Cron Parser
  • Encoders / Decoders
    • HTML
    • URL
    • Base64 Text & Image
    • GZip
    • JWT Decoder
  • Formatters
    • JSON
    • SQL
    • XML
  • Generators
    • Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
    • UUID 1 and 4
    • Lorem Ipsum
    • Checksum
  • Text
    • Escape / Unescape
    • Inspector & Case Converter
    • Regex Tester
    • Text Comparer
    • XML Validator
    • Markdown Preview
  • Graphic
    • Color Blindness Simulator
    • Color Picker & Contrast
    • PNG / JPEG Compressor
    • Image Converter

... and more are coming!


Rate on Microsoft Store as of 5/23/2022

Microsoft Store rate

How to install (as an end-user)


  • You need Windows 10 build 1903+ or later.

Microsoft Store

  • Search for DevToys in the Microsoft Store App or click here


  • Download and extract the latest release.
  • Double click the *.msixbundle file.
  • Install.


  • Open a PowerShell command prompt.
  • Type winget search DevToys to search and see details about DevToys.
  • Type winget install DevToys to install the app.

Note: a Microsoft Store account is required for WinGet. We're trying to workaround it. See here


App Permission

DevToys works entirely offline, meaning that none of the data used by the app goes on internet. However, the app requires some other permissions in order to work correctly.

  1. Uses all system resources - This permission is required for some tools like PNG / JPEG Compressor or (upcoming) On-screen color picker / measurer, which use a 3rd party Open-Source Win32 process like Efficient-Compression-Tool. All the code requiring this permission can be found here.

How to run DevToys

Using Start Menu

Open Windows start menu, type DevToys and press [Enter].

Using PowerShell

A cool thing about DevToys is that you can start it in command line! For this, simply open a PowerShell command prompt and type start devtoys:?tool={tool name}

For example, start devtoys:?tool=jsonyaml will open DevToys and start on the Json <> Yaml tool.

Here is the list of tool name you can use:

  • base64 - Base64 Text Encoder/Decoder
  • base64img - Base64 Image Encoder/Decoder
  • gzip - GZip Encoder/Decoder
  • hash - Hash Generator
  • uuid - UUID Generator
  • loremipsum - Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • checksum - Checksum File
  • cronparser - Cron Parser
  • jsonformat Json Formatter
  • sqlformat - SQL Formatter
  • xmlformat - XML Formatter
  • jsonyaml - Json <> Yaml
  • jwt - JWT Decoder
  • colorblind - Color Blindness Simulator
  • color - Color Picker & Contrast
  • imgcomp - PNG/JPEG compressor
  • imageconverter - Image Converter
  • markdown - Markdown Preview
  • regex - Regular Expression Tester
  • time - Unix Timestamp Converter
  • baseconverter - Number Base Converter
  • string - String Utilities
  • url - URL Encoder/Decoder
  • html - HTML Encoder/Decoder
  • diff - Text Comparer
  • xmlvalidator - XML Validator
  • escape - Text Escape / Unescape
  • settings - Settings



Privacy Policy


Third-Party Softwares

See ThirdPartyNotices



A few words regarding the license

DevToys is using a license that permits redistribution of the app as trialware or shareware without changes. However, the authors Etienne BAUDOUX and BenjaminT would prefer you not. If you believe you have a strong reason to do so, kindly reach out to discuss with us first.

Special Thanks

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