Djangorestframework Camel Case

Camel case JSON support for Django REST framework.
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Django REST Framework JSON CamelCase

Camel case JSON support for Django REST framework.


At the command line:

$ pip install djangorestframework-camel-case

Add the render and parser to your django settings file.

# ...

        # Any other renders

        # If you use MultiPartFormParser or FormParser, we also have a camel case version
        # Any other parsers
# ...

Add query param middleware to django settings file.

# ...
    # Any other middleware
# ...

Swapping Renderer

By default the package uses rest_framework.renderers.JSONRenderer. If you want to use another renderer, the two possible are:

drf_orjson_renderer.renderers.ORJSONRenderer or rest_framework.renderers.UnicodeJSONRenderer for DRF < 3.0,specify it in your django settings file.

# ...
    'RENDERER_CLASS': 'drf_orjson_renderer.renderers.ORJSONRenderer'
# ...

Underscoreize Options

No Underscore Before Number

As raised in this comment there are two conventions of snake case.

# Case 1 (Package default)
v2Counter -> v_2_counter
fooBar2 -> foo_bar_2

# Case 2
v2Counter -> v2_counter
fooBar2 -> foo_bar2

By default, the package uses the first case. To use the second case, specify it in your django settings file.

    # ...
        'no_underscore_before_number': True,
    # ...

Alternatively, you can change this behavior on a class level by setting json_underscoreize:

from djangorestframework_camel_case.parser import CamelCaseJSONParser
from rest_framework.generics import CreateAPIView

class NoUnderscoreBeforeNumberCamelCaseJSONParser(CamelCaseJSONParser):
    json_underscoreize = {'no_underscore_before_number': True}

class MyView(CreateAPIView):
    queryset = MyModel.objects.all()
    serializer_class = MySerializer
    parser_classes = (NoUnderscoreBeforeNumberCamelCaseJSONParser,)

Ignore Fields

You can also specify fields which should not have their data changed. The specified field(s) would still have their name change, but there would be no recursion. For example:

data = {"my_key": {"do_not_change": 1}}

Would become:

{"myKey": {"doNotChange": 1}}

However, if you set in your settings:

    # ...
        # ...
        "ignore_fields": ("my_key",),
        # ...
    # ...

The my_key field would not have its data changed:

{"myKey": {"do_not_change": 1}}

Ignore Keys

You can also specify keys which should not be renamed. The specified field(s) would still change (even recursively). For example:

data = {"unchanging_key": {"change_me": 1}}

Would become:

{"unchangingKey": {"changeMe": 1}}

However, if you set in your settings:

    # ...
        # ...
        "ignore_keys": ("unchanging_key",),
        # ...
    # ...

The unchanging_key field would not be renamed:

{"unchanging_key": {"changeMe": 1}}

ignore_keys and ignore_fields can be applied to the same key if required.

Running Tests

To run the current test suite, execute the following from the root of he project:

$ python -m unittest discover


  • Free software: BSD license
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