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AC2RD (Android Call Recorder Replayer Dictaphone) is a free automatic phone calls recording software developed for the mobile operating system Android, including the functionality of replayer, and that of dictaphone.

Main features :

  • Automatic phone incoming / outgoing calls recording
  • Supported Audio Formats: 3GPP, MP3, AMR, and WAV
  • Embedded replayer with audio spectrum visualizer
  • Dictaphone
  • Widget with shortcuts on main functions

Main features

Advanced features :

  • Automatic launch of the software when the phone is started
  • Calls filtering on device contacts
  • Recording on device shake detection
  • Recording on internal / external memory
  • Permanent storage memory monitoring
  • Records sortable by type / date
  • Automatic removal of obsolete records (configurable from 1 day to 1 month)
  • Possibility of locking important records
  • Audio spectrum effects : none, lines, or bars
  • Event logging (user actions, and software notification)
  • Event notifications : sound, vibration, and LED
  • Several visual themes with customizable colors

Software settings Calls filtering Monitoring interface Records management Replayer interface Widget Visual themes (light with dark action bar, dark, and light) Theme colors (light blue, blue, light purple, purple, light green, green, light orange, orange, light red, and red)

Compatibility :

  • Supported Android versions: 2.3 to 7.0, or up
  • Supported languages : Arabian , Deutch , English , Spanish , French , Indian , Japanese , Portuguese , Russian , and Chinese

Additional information :

  • Current version: 1.1.0
  • Self-signed certificate (non-market application)
  • Content rating: PEGI 3
  • GNU GPLv3 license

Install :

  • The AC2RD software can be downloaded via this link (right click and save as): click me
  • Copy the apk archive on your phone's SD card
  • Allow installation of non-market applications
  • Install it
  • Enjoy ;-)

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