A Vagrant plugin that provides a simple DNS server for Vagrant guests
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Coredns10,454814172 days ago271September 08, 202269apache-2.0Go
CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins
53 years ago38May 06, 201954mitRuby
A Vagrant plugin that provides a simple DNS server for Vagrant guests
3 years ago2Lua
PA Toolkit is a collection of traffic analysis plugins focused on security
Certbot Dns Aliyun154
25 days ago4September 29, 20197otherPython
A certbot dns plugin to obtain certificates using aliyun.
Certbot Dns Hetzner101
3 months ago6November 27, 2020otherPython
Certbot plugin enabling dns-01 challenge on the Hetzner DNS API
Certbot External Auth92312 years ago11April 08, 20206otherPython
Certbot external DNS, HTTP, TLSSNI domain validation plugin with JSON output and scriptable hooks, with Dehydrated compatibility
Certbot Dns Inwx85
5 months ago3March 06, 20216apache-2.0Python
INWX DNS authenticator plugin for certbot
Netbox Ddns78
2 months ago18May 25, 20224apache-2.0Python
Dynamic DNS Connector for NetBox
2 years ago12August 02, 20215apache-2.0Go
CoreDNS plugin to block ads. Inspried by PiHole.
Dnsredir71124 days ago13January 05, 20225apache-2.0Go
Yet another seems better forward/proxy plugin for CoreDNS
Alternatives To Landrush
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Landrush: DNS for Vagrant

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Landrush is a simple cross-platform DNS for Vagrant VMs that is visible on both, the guest and the host.

It spins up a small DNS server and redirects DNS traffic from your VMs to use it, automatically registering/unregistering IP addresses of guests as they come up and go down.


This project is currently unmaintained and looking for maintainers! Anybody interested in helping out please contact @hferentschik.

I’d be happy to help coach anybody who wants to drop in and pick up the maintainer role for this plugin!


Install under Vagrant (1.1 or later):

$ vagrant plugin install landrush

Getting started

  1. Enable the plugin in your Vagrantfile:

    config.landrush.enabled = true
  2. Bring up a machine.

    $ vagrant up
  3. You are able to get your VM’s hostname resolved on your host:

    $ dig -p 10053 @localhost myhost.vagrant.test
  4. If you shut down your guest, the entries associated with it will be removed.

Landrush retrieves your VM’s hostname from either the vagrant config or it uses the system’s actual hostname by running the hostname command. A default hostname of "guest-vm" is assumed if the hostname is otherwise not available.

A Landrush example configuration could look like this:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "ubuntu/xenial64"

  config.landrush.enabled = true

  config.vm.hostname = "myhost.vagrant.test" '', '' '', ''

See the Usage guide for further information.

Available CLI commands

Check out vagrant landrush help for the available commands.

vagrant landrush <command>

    control the landrush server daemon
  list, ls
    list all DNS entries known to landrush
  dependentvms, vms
    list vms currently dependent on the landrush server
  set { <host> <ip> | <alias> <host> }
    adds the given host-to-ip or alias-to-hostname mapping.
    Existing host ip addresses will be overwritten
  rm, del { <host> | <alias> | --all }
    delete the given hostname or alias from the server.
     --all removes all entries
    you're lookin at it!


See the Troubleshooting guide to resolve issues you face while using Landrush.

Help Out!

This project needs your feedback and help! Please do not hesitate to open issues or submit pull requests. We welcome your input. If you wish to contribute to the development of Landrush, refer to the Contributing guide for details on how you can contribute. The Development guide will help you setup your development environment.

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