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⛔ This project is deprecated. Please use url2io-python-client, the successor of url2io-python-sdk.

URL2io Python SDK

This is the URL2io python SDK suite. Note that python2.7 is required.

API Docs


This is the underlying API implementation.

How to use? example:

  1. register and get token
  2. coding
>>> import url2io
>>> api = url2io.API(token)
>>> # get content and next page link
>>> ret = api.article(url='', fields=['next',])
>>> print ret
    u'content': u'<div><p>\u63d0\u4f9b\u7b80\u5355\uff0c',
    u'date': None,
    u'title': u'URL2io \u4ecb\u7ecd',
    u'url': u''

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