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We've built UADO to show you what's possible with the Uno Platform – a single codebase, native mobile and WebAssembly app, using only C# and XAML – currently the only platform to do so.

But UADO is more than just a showcase app, it also is a real app aiming at helping you organize Work Items in Microsoft Azure DevOps projects. UADO gives you an easy to digest overview of work items, and the ability to assign them to yourself while on your way to daily meetings. As a sprint lead, you will have an easy to access, native mobile app to help facilitate stand-up and ad-hoc meetings.

Lastly, UADO is meant to help you learn and experiment with the Uno Platform. As we continue building it, you will be able to see how we handle authentication, events etc. See more at

What does it look like ?

uado uado uado uado Menu

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