Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Note: New Dark Theme WPF version is here :

this old winforms version is no longer updated!


Handle all your Unity versions and Projects easily!


  • Automagically Open Projects with Correct Unity Version
  • Display Recent Projects list with last modified date and project version info
  • Quickly Explore Project Folder
  • List installed Unity versions, can easily Run, Explore installation folder, View release notes
  • Download Missing Unity Versions Easily
  • Can be used from commandline UnityLauncher.exe -projectPath "c:/project/path/"
  • Can add custom Explorer context menu item to launch folder as a project:
  • Use custom launcher arguments per project!
  • Show project git branch info
  • List of custom package folders (quicly explore them and then can import packages)
  • Show list of available Unity versions/updates


  • Download, Run
  • At first run you need to setup "root installations folder" (All Unity installations will be scanned under this folder)
  • Recent projects list is fetched from registry (Project version and date is checked from those project folders)
  • Select row from the list and click "Launch" (Launches unity with that project) or "Explore" (opens Explorer to that folder)

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • When recent list is selected: Enter = Launch selected, F5 = refresh recent list
  • Project filter field: Esc - clear search



Project is created with VS2017 (and .net4.5)

Reporting Bugs / Requests

Unity Forum Thread








Special Thanks (for fixes, updates, pull requests)

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