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This repository serves as a collection of Applescript snippets that can be used individually or part of a larger project. Many of these snippets were written as I was learning to use Applescript, and may not represent the best method of undertaking a particular task. Feel free to open an issue or pull request if you find that any of these files do not work for you. You may also open a pull request if you would like to add a script or snippet.

Copies of this repository exist at Github and Gitlab.

Script Categories


Other Applescript Resources/Libraries

Tools for Developing Scripts


  • Location Helper - use core location in applescripts.
  • Twitter Scripter - interact with Twitter via applescript.
  • Platypus - package applescripts with various other scripts (Shell, Python, etc) to create native MacOS applications.


A non-exhaustive list of interesting Applescript resources on Github:

Github Applescript Projects

Note Taking/Task Management



Other useful Applescript resources / tutorials / etc

For JavaScript Users

  • JavaScript for Automation Cookbook
    • JavaScript was added as a MacOS automation tool in version 10.10. If you are familiar with (or would prefer to learn) JavaScript, this cookbook is a great resource.

Bugs / Contributing

Scripts in this repo were tested on OS X/MacOS Lion through High Sierra. Please open an issue or pull request if a script does not work as intended.

If you have a script, snippet, or resource that you'd like me to include in this repo, feel free to open a new pull request.

To Do

To be completed as I have time

  • [ ] Reorganize repo and readme
  • [ ] Use more descriptive filenames
  • [ ] Use variable names that make more sense in context
  • [ ] Test scripts on 10.14 and 10.15

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