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Component based MVC web framework for nodejs targeting good code structures & modularity.

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Why fortjs

  • Based on Fort architecture.
  • MVC Framework and follows OOPS approach so everything is class and object.
  • Provides components - Wall, Shield and Guard. Components help modularize the application.
  • No callback, Uses ES6 async/await or promise for executing asychronous code.
  • Everything is configurable - you can configure your session store, view engine, websocket etc.
  • Dependency Injection.
  • Everything can be unit tested, so you can use a TDD approach.
  • TypeScript Support - Fully supported for typescript users.

How to use


import {Controller, DefaultWorker, textResult } from "fortjs" 
export class UserController extends Controller{

    async getUsers(){
        return textResult("Hey, I am get users method");


import { Fort } from "fortjs";
import { UserController } from "./controllers";

// add routes
Fort.routes = [{
    controller: UserController,
    path: "/user"

// initiate app
Fort.create().then(()=>{`App is started at location : http://localhost:${Fort.port}`);


Check out repo -



You are very welcome to contribute, please see contributing guidelines - [Contribute].


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  • Absolute route
  • Retrieve dependency injection value from anywhere like in service

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