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React Developer Roadmap17,849
4 months ago35otherJavaScript
Roadmap to becoming a React developer
React Native Router Flux9,0133,478886 months ago273March 26, 2021336mitJavaScript
The first declarative React Native router
React Pxq7,226
a year ago15mitJavaScript
一个 react + redux 的完整项目 和 个人总结
React Router Tutorial5,564
4 years ago73JavaScript
Wouter5,1567153 days ago34November 09, 202115JavaScript
🥢 A minimalist-friendly ~1.5KB routing for React and Preact. Nothing else but HOOKS.
Router4,7393516 days ago127January 31, 202239mitTypeScript
🤖 Type-safe router w/ built-in caching & URL state management for JS/TS, React, Preact, Solid, Vue, Svelte and Angular
Connected React Router4,7312,0666203 months ago51July 11, 2022175mitJavaScript
A Redux binding for React Router v4
After.js4,103445a month ago34November 01, 202113mitTypeScript
Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router
2 years ago58otherJavaScript
從零開始學 ReactJS(ReactJS 101)是一本希望讓初學者一看就懂的 React 中文入門教學書,由淺入深學習 ReactJS 生態系 (Flux, Redux, React Router, ImmutableJS, React Native, Relay/GraphQL etc.)。
4 years ago65mitJavaScript
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UI-Router provides extremely flexible, state based routing to the React ecosystem.

Routing frameworks for SPAs update the browser's URL as the user navigates through the app. Conversely, this allows changes to the browser's URL to drive navigation through the app, thus allowing the user to create a bookmark to a location deep within the SPA.

UI-Router applications are modeled as a hierarchical tree of states. UI-Router provides a state machine to manage the transitions between those application states in a transaction-like manner.

Docs & Resources

Getting started

The UI-Router package is distributed using npm, the node package manager.

yarn add @uirouter/react

Import UIRouter into your project, define some states and you're good to go!

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { UIRouter, UIView, pushStateLocationPlugin } from '@uirouter/react';
import Home from './components/Home';

// define your states
const states = [
    name: 'home',
    url: '/home',
    component: Home,

// select your plugins
const plugins = [pushStateLocationPlugin];

  <UIRouter plugins={plugins} states={states}>
    <UIView />
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