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Überauth Example


Using Überauth for authentication in Phoenix.

This project demonstrates how to use Überauth and multiple strategies to provide authentication for a Phoenix application. The project has been setup to run on Heroku can can be found at

In this example we'll use five strategies:


  1. Ensure the following prerequisites are met/installed:
  • Erlang 19
  • Elixir 1.3
  1. Retrieve app ids and secrets and set environment variables:

  2. Clone the project:

    $ git clone [email protected]:ueberauth/ueberauth_example.git
    $ cd ueberauth_example
  3. Fetch dependencies:

    $ mix deps.get && npm install --prefix assets
  4. Run server:

    $ mix phx.server
  5. Authenticate at http://localhost:4000!


See Überauth for detailed instructions.


Please see LICENSE for licensing details.

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