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Using Chipyard

To get started using Chipyard, see the documentation on the Chipyard documentation site:

What is Chipyard

Chipyard is an open source framework for agile development of Chisel-based systems-on-chip. It will allow you to leverage the Chisel HDL, Rocket Chip SoC generator, and other Berkeley projects to produce a RISC-V SoC with everything from MMIO-mapped peripherals to custom accelerators. Chipyard contains processor cores (Rocket, BOOM, CVA6 (Ariane)), accelerators (Hwacha, Gemmini, NVDLA), memory systems, and additional peripherals and tooling to help create a full featured SoC. Chipyard supports multiple concurrent flows of agile hardware development, including software RTL simulation, FPGA-accelerated simulation (FireSim), automated VLSI flows (Hammer), and software workload generation for bare-metal and Linux-based systems (FireMarshal). Chipyard is actively developed in the Berkeley Architecture Research Group in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department at the University of California, Berkeley.


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Attribution and Chipyard-related Publications

If used for research, please cite Chipyard by the following publication:

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  • Chipyard
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    • A. Amid, et al. DAC'20 PDF.

These additional publications cover many of the internal components used in Chipyard. However, for the most up-to-date details, users should refer to the Chipyard docs.

  • Generators
    • Rocket Chip: K. Asanovic, et al., UCB EECS TR. PDF.
    • BOOM: C. Celio, et al., Hot Chips 30. PDF.
      • SonicBOOM (BOOMv3): J. Zhao, et al., CARRV'20. PDF.
    • Hwacha: Y. Lee, et al., ESSCIRC'14. PDF.
    • Gemmini: H. Genc, et al., arXiv. PDF.
  • Sims
    • FireSim: S. Karandikar, et al., ISCA'18. PDF.
      • FireSim Micro Top Picks: S. Karandikar, et al., IEEE Micro, Top Picks 2018. PDF.
      • FASED: D. Biancolin, et al., FPGA'19. PDF.
      • Golden Gate: A. Magyar, et al., ICCAD'19. PDF.
      • FirePerf: S. Karandikar, et al., ASPLOS'20. PDF.
  • Tools
    • Chisel: J. Bachrach, et al., DAC'12. PDF.
    • FIRRTL: A. Izraelevitz, et al., ICCAD'17. PDF.
    • Chisel DSP: A. Wang, et al., DAC'18. PDF.
  • VLSI
    • Hammer: E. Wang, et al., ISQED'20. PDF.

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