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uPortal Web Components

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A collection of reusable, standardized, and accessible web components for uPortal


There are couple options for installing components:

# install with npm
npm install @uportal/{package name goes here}

# install with yarn
yarn add @uportal/{package name goes here}

install with maven

    <artifactId>uportal__{package name goes here}</artifactId>
    <version>{version number goes here}</version>

install with gradle

compile 'org.webjars.npm:uportal__{package name goes here}:{version number goes here}'


To install any component, add a tag with the component's name, and a script tag pointing to the JavaScript bundle for that component.

For example an example-component would be loaded by adding

<script src="node_modules/@uportal/example-component/dist/js/example-component.js"></script>




uPortal Components are built by people just like you! Check out for ways to get started.

Want to chat with the community and contributors? Join us in Slack and the Mailing List!

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