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Steno Node.js CI

Specialized fast async file writer

Steno makes writing to the same file often/concurrently fast and safe.

Used in lowdb.


  • Fast (see benchmark)
  • Lightweight (~6kb)
  • Safe: No partial writes (writes are atomic)
  • Safe: No race conditions (writes are ordered even if they're async)


import { Writer } from 'steno'

// Create a singleton writer
const file = new Writer('file.txt')

// Use it in the rest of your code
async function save() {
  await file.write('some data')


npm run benchmark (see src/benchmark.ts)

Write 1KB data to the same file x 1000
  fs     :   62ms
  steno  :    1ms

Write 1MB data to the same file x 1000
  fs     : 2300ms
  steno  :    5ms

Steno uses a smart queue and avoids unnecessary writes.


MIT - Typicode

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