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Hugo Theme for a simple, web-based resume (and it prints)
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Jsonresume Theme Paper25433 years ago28March 16, 20214CSS
A theme for JSON Resume
Simple Resume17
2 years agomitSCSS
Hugo Theme for a simple, web-based resume (and it prints)
Jsonresume Theme Onepage14
5 years ago1mitHTML
A compact theme for JSON Resume, designed for printing.
6 years agomitCSS
My resume in HTML/CSS. See it live at
Html Resume Template6
11 years ago
a year agoC++
Temperature display for RepRap firmware (eg Duet)
Stephen Shelton Resume1
3 years agoJavaScript
My resume, written in Javascript/HTML/CSS (using ReactJS)
3 years agoHTML
Host point for my html resume
2 years agomitHTML
CV based on YAML, using jekyll.
Resume 3d Printing Program1
5 years agogpl-2.0Python
Python program to resume printing after an interruption
Alternatives To Simple Resume
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Simple Resume Theme

This theme is meant to create a web based, simple resume, that you can print.



  • Web based resume
  • Printable
  • Straightforward/simple design

Install theme on your hugo site

hugo new site your-site-name # if you already have a site ignore this line and the next
cd your-site-name
cd themes
git clone

Once you have done this, you may use the exampleSite folder as an example for how to set your project up. The two main things to pay attention to is to first set this in your config.toml file:

theme = "simple-resume"

Then you will need to replicate the data used in the exampleSite/data/content.yaml file to fill in the fields for your resume.

Print your Resume

You can print the page straight to a pdf or to paper if you wish. I have had best luck printing with the margins set to 'minimum', but you can set custom margins when printing if it looks off to you.


Please feel free to post issues or make pull requests at any time. I am always open to collaboration.

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