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Joker can turn process into daemon.

A project by

Install via nami

$ nami install

or build from Source

$ make


joker: run command as daemon

	<command>   run your command
	list        show running commands
	stop <pid>  stop a command by SIGTERM
	log <pid>   view log of command
	last        view pid of last command

	help        show help
	version     show version


$ joker brook server -l :9999 -p password

Where are log files?

All log files are stored in $HOME/.joker based on PID


There are many tools, such as systemd, supervisord, etc. But I need a simple, small, clean, no configuration tool. Joker does not depend on systemd.

Auto start command at boot

You may like txthinking/jinbe or brook-community/jinbe


Licensed under The GPLv3 License

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