A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions
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Dubbo40,0375,4611733 months ago59December 29, 2021944apache-2.0Java
The java implementation of Apache Dubbo. An RPC and microservice framework.
Thrift10,0531,5446 months ago226August 27, 202344apache-2.0C++
Apache Thrift
Finagle8,728181356 months ago67February 11, 202158apache-2.0Scala
A fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC system
Tonic8,43087306 months ago38September 28, 2023207mitRust
A native gRPC client & server implementation with async/await support.
Roadrunner7,77940505 days ago244November 30, 202347mitGo
🤯 High-performance PHP application server, process manager written in Go and powered with plugins
Twirp6,658352498 months ago52October 24, 20227apache-2.0Go
A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions
Restful Api Design References4,823
3 years ago2mit
RESTful API 设计参考文献列表,可帮助你更加彻底的了解REST风格的接口设计。
7 months agoGo
【超全golang面试题合集+golang学习指南+golang知识图谱+入门成长路线】 一份涵盖大部分golang程序员所需要掌握的核心知识。常用第三方库(mysql,mq,es,redis等)+机器学习库+算法库+游戏库+开源框架+自然语言处理nlp库+网络库+视频库+微服务框架+视频教程+音频音乐库+图形图片库+物联网库+地理位置信息+嵌入式脚本库+编译器库+数据库+金融库+电子邮件库+电子书籍+分词+数据结构+设计模式+去html tag标签等+go学习+go面试+计算机网络基础+图解网络+操作系统面试题+数据库面试题+面试题合集
Dubbo Go4,609516 months ago160December 02, 2023151apache-2.0Go
Go Implementation For Apache Dubbo .
Armeria4,568101366 months ago228November 17, 2023642apache-2.0Java
Your go-to microservice framework for any situation, from the creator of Netty et al. You can build any type of microservice leveraging your favorite technologies, including gRPC, Thrift, Kotlin, Retrofit, Reactive Streams, Spring Boot and Dropwizard.
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