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rspec-nc is an RSpec formatter for Mountain Lion's Notification Center.



Installing rspec-nc is easy. Just put it in your Gemfile (gem 'rspec-nc', require: false) and run your specs:

rspec --format=doc --format=Nc

You will want to specify another formatter as rspec-nc does not provide any other output.

If you want to use rspec-nc as your default formatter, simply put this option in your .rspec file:

--format Nc

There are two other formatters included:

  • NcFail – Only notifies if there is a failure
  • NcFirstFail – Only notifies on the first failure


Using rspec-nc under tmux requires reattach-to-user-namespace, see: julienXX/terminal-notifier#115.


Found an issue? Have a great idea? Want to help? Great! Create an issue issue for it, or even better; fork the project and fix the problem yourself. Pull requests are always welcome. :)

Running the specs


# with a formatter

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