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Apache Airflow tutorial
Airflow Tutorial345
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Airflow basics tutorial
Airflow Tutorial86
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Use Airflow to move data from multiple MySQL databases to BigQuery
Airflow Tutorial51
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🐍💨 Airflow tutorial for PyCon 2019
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Source code of the Apache Airflow Tutorial for Beginners on YouTube Channel Coder2j (
Airflow Tutorial19
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Tutorial like code for how to deploy airflow using docker and how to use the DockerOperator.
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Tutorials on airflow pipelines with open data sets
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30 Days of Airflow
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A curated list of Data Science and Engineering frameworks, tools, libraries and related list of tutorials.
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Airflow tutorial

This is the code for Apache Airflow Tutorials playlist by Tuan Vu on Youtube


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1 Introduction to Apache Airflow (blog post) v0.1
2 Set up airflow environment with docker (blog post) v0.2
3 Set up airflow environment using Google Cloud Composer (blog post) N/A
4 Writing your first pipeline (blog post) N/A
5 Airflow concept (blog post) N/A
6 Build a data pipeline using Google Cloud Bigquery (blog post) v0.6
7 Airflow variables (blog post) v0.7

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.



Run the web service with docker

docker-compose up -d

# Build the image
# docker-compose up -d --build

Check http://localhost:8080/

  • docker-compose logs - Displays log output
  • docker-compose ps - List containers
  • docker-compose down - Stop containers

Other commands

If you want to run airflow sub-commands, you can do so like this:

  • docker-compose run --rm webserver airflow list_dags - List dags
  • docker-compose run --rm webserver airflow test [DAG_ID] [TASK_ID] [EXECUTION_DATE] - Test specific task

If you want to run/test python script, you can do so like this:

  • docker-compose run --rm webserver python /usr/local/airflow/dags/[PYTHON-FILE].py - Test python script

Connect to database

If you want to use Ad hoc query, make sure you've configured connections: Go to Admin -> Connections and Edit "postgres_default" set this values:

  • Host : postgres
  • Schema : airflow
  • Login : airflow
  • Password : airflow


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