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Simple third-party application for browsing

Just a little app for Android

Recent changes: Visual Studio App Center

Data collection

The app now uses Visual Studio App Center to provide in-app update, app analysis, and crashes report. To enable these features, some data will be collected from you (the user) and sent to App Center. You can find the details here.

As it might be a concern to some users, a new option is added in the settings page for disabling in-app update.

Better auto-update

Instead of using Firebase's remote config to handle update checking manually, the app now uses Visual Studio App Center to handle it automatically (well, kind of...). This feature will also be disabled along with disabling in-app update.

Known bugs😕


From VS App Center

Important note

  • Download from VS App Center is recommended (to enable auto-update), rather than building locally.
  • To support this project, you can...
    1. Sponsor this project on Patreon / GitHub!

    2. Or... download from the first link 📺

    3. Or... star the repository 🌟

Look and Feel - in demo mode( •̀ ω •́ )y

Search result display demoCollection display demoSetting demo


  • Collection system

    • Add / remove comic from Favorite / Read later / History
    • Backup collection content to desktop (by scanning QRCode with NHV-Backup, Java program)
  • General

    • Vertical scrolling
    • Comic list sorting (by popularity / uploaded recently)
    • Search with specific language (Chinese / English / Japanese)

V3 Overview

  • Dark theme (good for your eyes😉, or, at least for me...)

  • Better auto-update

    More new features (see #Roadmap)


Feature Schedule Status
In-app Proxy setting & Exclusive Proxy Server for Patreon Sponsors mid-March ~ May WIP
Tag Filtering May ~ July Pending
Comic Descriptions on Appbar (e.g. authors/categories) July ~ Pending
Cloud Sync (Either by nhentai account or by github/google account) - Pending
and... - -

Version 2 overview

Icon (Version 2) & Splash screen

I would like to include NHentai’s icon and slogan in this project since it is an application about their site.
I have sent them an email to ask for permission but there is still no reply yet.
Please contact me if there are any issue, thanks.

Getting Started

The application is using the JSON API (page was removed😥) and parse the response data into Java class from version 2.

😣For more information about coding, see the wiki (which is not yet ready '_' please come back later).


Build and run the project inside Android Studio.

Built With

  • Android Studio
    • Any version after Android Studio 3.5 should be fine
    • Run on an Android device (tested on Android 8.0 Oreo)


For the versions available, see the tags on this repository


  • ttdyce - Author and maintainer - github



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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