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Terminal SlideDeck (for backend devs)


  • Left, Right, or HJKL, Page Up, Page Down: change slide.
  • Ctrl-C or Esc : exit

You can alternatively use a presenter. tslide works with the Logitech R800 and R400 out of the box.


tslide README.markdown

each slide is a section of a markdown document, separated a line with --- (markdown for horizontal rule <hr>) you will notice that this is a valid tslide markdown presentation.

crude js syntax highlighting

# tslide

## Code

function fibonacci (n) {
  return n < 2 ? n : fibonacci(n - 1) + fibonacci(n - 2)

Demo Code

This feature is on by default. Disable via --no-highlight.


iTerm 2 users can take advantage of its inline image feature and use images in your slides.

# tslide

## Images


There's nothing a pizza can't fix.

Demo Images

This feature is on by default. Disable via --no-images.


Most terminals can print unicode emoji, and others can print system bitmap emoji like macosx.

# tslide

## Emoji




I initially wrote this 2 hours before a talk I had to give. since then, I have given many presentations with it, and received a number of contributions that has made tslide actually pretty good,

thanks to

for all the pull requests!

cool links

  • xslide a tslide compatible presenter in the browser.



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