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vue-scroll-reveal license

A Vue directive to wrap @jlmakes' excellent ScrollReveal library.

The directive exposes reset, nodesktop, and nomobile as modifiers (ie. v-scroll-reveal.reset.nomobile). All other options can be passed to Vue.use or to individual elements as a value (ie. v-scroll-reveal={ delay: 250 }).


# npm
npm install --save vue-scroll-reveal
# yarn
yarn add vue-scroll-reveal


Remember! Any of the ScrollReveal options can be used!

// In main.js
import VueScrollReveal from 'vue-scroll-reveal';

// Using ScrollReveal's default configuration

// OR specifying custom default options for all uses of the directive
Vue.use(VueScrollReveal, {
  class: 'v-scroll-reveal', // A CSS class applied to elements with the v-scroll-reveal directive; useful for animation overrides.
  duration: 800,
  scale: 1,
  distance: '10px',
  mobile: false
<!-- In a component -->

      <h1>Scroll down!</h1>

    <!-- This section will reveal itself each time it's scrolled into view -->
    <section v-scroll-reveal.reset>

    <!-- Element-specific configuration options can be passed like this -->
    <section v-scroll-reveal.reset="{ delay: 250 }">
      <h1>Slightly late tada!</h1>


  section {
    height: 100vh;


As of 1.0.4, the isSupported() and sync() methods are exposed via Vue.$sr or this.$sr.

As of 1.0.7, the reveal(target, config, interval, sync) is exposed via Vue.$sr or this.$sr, though using the directive is preferred in order to keep with Vue principles.


If using as a plugin with Nuxt, make sure to disable server-side rendering in nuxt.config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    { src: '~/plugins/vue-scroll-reveal', ssr: false }


While the code within this component (tserkov/vue-scroll-reveal) is MIT-licensed, ScrollReveal is GPL3-licensed, and requires the purchase of a Commercial License if you want to use it in a closed-source project.

For an explanation of why this component is licensed differently, see #15.

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