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package description
@trezor/analytics generic analytics implementation
@trezor/atoms front-end React Native components
@trezor/auth-server NodeJS server for secure Google OAuth
@trezor/blockchain-link lib for connecting to blockchains
@trezor/components front-end React components for web + desktop
@trezor/connect 3rd party interface entrypoint for nodejs
@trezor/connect-common static files and commons for @trezor/connect
@trezor/connect-examples example implementations of @trezor/connect
@trezor/connect-explorer interactive demo for @trezor/connect
@trezor/connect-iframe connect-iframe build from monorepo
@trezor/connect-plugin-ethereum plugin for 3rd party Ethereum wallets
@trezor/connect-plugin-stellar plugin for 3rd party Stellar wallets
@trezor/connect-popup UI for 3rd party implementations
@trezor/connect-web 3rd party interface entrypoint for browser
@trezor/device-utils shared device utility functions
@trezor/integration-tests cross-packages e2e tests
@trezor/message-system message system config and sign logic
@trezor/request-manager improved communication with Tor
@trezor/styles custom styling library for native app
@trezor/suite-analytics analytics for Suite
@trezor/suite-build build utilities
@trezor/suite-data suite static data
@trezor/suite-desktop-api API for suite - suite-desktop communication
@trezor/suite-desktop-ui Trezor Suite desktop specific UI
@trezor/suite-desktop suite build target for Mac, Win, Linux
@trezor/suite-native suite build target for react-native
@trezor/suite-storage abstract database definition for suite
@trezor/suite-web suite build target for web
@trezor/suite Trezor Suite common code
@trezor/transport-native communication lib for React Native
@trezor/transport communication lib for JavaScript
@trezor/urls shared urls plus health checking
@trezor/utils shared utility functions
@trezor/utxo-lib btc-like coins lib

@trezor/suite development

Before you start make sure you have downloaded and installed NVM, Yarn and git with git lfs.

  • git clone [email protected]:trezor/trezor-suite.git
  • git submodule update --init --recursive
  • git lfs pull
  • nvm install
  • yarn
  • yarn build:libs && yarn workspace @trezor/message-system sign-config

It's recommended to enable git config --global submodule.recurse true so you don't need to run git submodule update --init --recursive every time when submodules are updated.

To set up your dev environment for a native platform (iOS/Android) follow these additional steps.

Run a dev build:

  • yarn suite:dev (web app)
  • yarn suite:dev:desktop (electron app)
  • yarn suite:dev:android (react-native Android)
  • yarn suite:dev:ios (react-native iOS)

@trezor/connect development

Trezor Connect is a platform for easy integration of Trezor hardware wallets into 3rd party applications. Historically, Trezor Connect had its own repository. This repository is still active and accepts hotfixes for trezor-connect version 8.

@trezor/connect version 9 is developed in this repository only. For documentation proceed to this page


Inspired by GitLab Contributing Guide

Using Conventional Commits is strongly recommended and might be enforced in future.

Security vulnerability disclosure

Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to [email protected], also see the disclosure section on the website. Please do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.

IDE specific settings

Find specific settings for Integrated Development Environments (IDE) in

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