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Angular JS 1.5 - ES6 Module Unit testing and Karma Integration testing seed by @tomastrajan Build Status

Great seed for enterprise projects with heavy focus on unit and integration testing.

This repository contains two releases:

  1. 1.4.0 - for Angular JS 1.4 and lower (uses Component Pattern for Angular JS)
  2. 1.5.0 - for Angular JS 1.5 and above which supports native .component(name, options) API



Getting started

  1. Clone repository git clone
  2. Enter project directory cd angular-js-es6-testing-example
  3. Install dependencies npm i or npm install


All scripts are run with npm run [script], for example: npm run test.

  • start - start development server, try it by opening http://localhost:8081/webpack-dev-server/index.html

  • build - create dev build, check build directory

  • dist - create production build, check dist directory

  • server_build - serve content from build directory

  • server_dist - serve content from dist directory

  • lint - lint code (with ESLint)

  • mocha - run all unit tests (with Mocha)

  • watch - run and watch all unit tests (with Mocha)

  • karma - run all integration tests (with Karma / Jasmine)

  • test - lint code and run all tests (with Mocha and Karma)

  • ci - for Travis CI


For more detailed info about tests check the original blog post.

  • *.test.js - mocha unit tests
  • *.integration.test.js - mocha integration tests (manual)
  • *.spec.js - karma integration tests (spin up Angular JS app context)

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