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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
664 years ago13August 27, 201549mitObjective-C
Elegant Line Graphs for iOS. (Charting library)
Gremlin1,835171376 years ago8September 17, 201421otherJava
A Graph Traversal Language (no longer active - see Apache TinkerPop)
Neography611229186 years ago78October 22, 201520mitRuby
A thin Ruby wrapper to the Neo4j Rest API
3 years ago37agpl-3.0JavaScript
An experimental personal knowledge base with a focus on connections
Rexster43668173 years ago6September 17, 201414otherJava
A Graph Server (no longer active - see Apache TinkerPop)
2 months ago4mitJavaScript
This is source code of graphonline service. Graphonline helps visualize graph and applies a lot of algorithms.
59 years ago10April 22, 201459apache-2.0Java
Graph Analytics Engine
R6 Operator Counters59
2 months ago53mitJavaScript
A website with a graph visualisation of how operators counter each other in Rainbow Six Siege.
Redmine Wiki_graphviz_plugin58
3 months ago6otherRuby
Wiki macro for redmine. The macro render graph-image from wiki contents as dot.
Free Roam55
2 years ago8JavaScript
An attempt to recreate the major parts of Roam for offline use
Alternatives To Faunus
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Faunus is a property graph analytics engine based on Hadoop. A breadth-first version of the graph traversal language Gremlin operates on a vertex-centric property graph data structure. Faunus can be extended with new operations written using MapReduce and Blueprints.

Faunus was renamed Titan-Hadoop and merged into Titan as of version 0.5.0. Faunus is now part of and maintained in the same repository as Titan. It is contained in the Titan release downloads and pushed to Maven Central as the titan-hadoop module. The Faunus documentation in version 0.5.0 and later is part of the Titan manual available at http://s3.thinkaurelius.com/docs/titan/current/. The code and wiki documentation in this repository only cover Faunus versions 0.4 and earlier.


Getting Started

Read the Faunus documentation and join the mailing list.

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