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Kendo UI for Angular + NativeScript DashBoard app

This project includes a web application, built with Kendo UI for Angular components, and a NativeScript app that shares the data service with the web app. It is built on top of TeamMaestro's angular-native-seed template:

Angular NativeScript Seed

Build truly web and native applications using NativeScript and Angular. This seed allows your project to share code between the environments; having complete control over dependencies.


  • i18n Translations
  • Lazy Loaded Modules
  • Angular CLI // Webpack // Testing
  • Target Phone and Tablet Templates Individually
  • Docker build provided using NGINX to serve web content and load balance reverse proxied backends. (See nginx folder for setup instructions)

Get Started

  1. Clone this repository by using your favorite Git client or by executing git clone
  2. Enter the project directory by running cd ng2-dashboard.

Web is setup from the root.

npm install
npm start

Mobile is setup from the nativescript folder.

cd nativescript
npm install
npm run

Each platform is run respective to it's folder. View available commands here:


This project is based on the Angular NativeScript Seed by TeamMaestro.

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