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GonnaCry Rasomware

Original Repository of the GonnaCry Ransomware.

GonnaCry is a linux ransomware that encrypts all the user files with a strong encryption scheme.

This project is OpenSource, feel free to use, study and/or send pull request.

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Ransomware Impact on industry

How this ransomware encryption scheme works:

How this ransomware works:



This Ransomware mustn't be used to harm/threat/hurt other person's computer.

Its purpose is only to share knowledge and awareness about Malware/Cryptography/Operating Systems/Programming.

GonnaCry is an academic ransomware made for learning and awareness about security/cryptography.

Be aware running C/bin/GonnaCry or Python/GonnaCry/ Python/GonnaCry/bin/gonnacry in your computer, it may harm.

What's a Ransomware?

A ransomware is a type of malware that prevents legitimate users from accessing their device or data and asks for a payment in exchange for the stolen functionality. They have been used for mass extortion in various forms, but the most successful one seems to be encrypting ransomware: most of the user data are encrypted and the key can be obtained paying the attacker. To be widely successful a ransomware must fulfill three properties:

Property 1: The hostile binary code must not contain any secret (e.g. deciphering keys). At least not in an easily retrievable form, indeed white box cryptography can be applied to ransomware.

Property 2: Only the author of the attack should be able to decrypt the infected device.

Property 3: Decrypting one device can not provide any useful information for other infected devices, in particular the key must not be shared among them.


  • [x] encrypts all user files with AES-256-CBC.
  • [x] Random AES key and IV for each file.
  • [x] Works even without internet connection.
  • [x] Communication with the server to decrypt Client-private-key.
  • [x] encrypts AES key with client-public-key RSA-2048.
  • [x] encrypts client-private-key with RSA-2048 server-public-key.
  • [x] Changes computer wallpaper -> Gnome, LXDE, KDE, XFCE.
  • [x] Decryptor that communicate to server to send keys.
  • [x] python webserver
  • [x] Daemon
  • [ ] Dropper
  • [x] Kills databases
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