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libofa for Ruby

This Ruby gem wraps the OFA library (libofa) that is an open-source audio fingerprint created and provided by MusicIP (now called AmpliFIND Music Services).


gem install ofa -- --with-ofa-include=<libofa-dir>/include --with-ofa-lib=<libofa-dir>/lib

or if you're using Bundler:

bundle config build.ofa --with-ofa-include=<libofa-dir>/include --with-ofa-lib=<libofa-dir>/lib

If you're using OSX and Homebrew you can install libofa by using my tap:

brew tap tanob/custom
brew install libofa

How to use

require 'ofa'

sample_rate = 44100
stereo = true
data = File.read('music.wav')
puts "Using libofa version: #{Ofa::version.join('.')}"
puts 'Calculated PUID:', Ofa::create_fingerprint(data, data.size/2, sample_rate, stereo)
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