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cheerio for Google Apps Script

This project is unofficial update of

Difference to the project is follows.

Script ID: 1ReeQ6WO8kKNxoaA_O0XEQ589cIrRvEBA9qcWpNqdOP17i47u6N9M5Xh0

Adding the library to your project

Cheerio (cheeriogs) for Google Apps Script is made available as a script library. This is how you add it to your project:

Select "Resources" > "Libraries..." in the Google Apps Script editor. Enter the project key (1ReeQ6WO8kKNxoaA_O0XEQ589cIrRvEBA9qcWpNqdOP17i47u6N9M5Xh0) in the "Find a Library" field, and choose "Select". (If you have copied the library, enter instead the project key of your copy.) Select the highest version number, and choose Cheerio as the identifier. (Do not turn on Development Mode unless you know what you are doing. The development version may not work.) Press Save. You can now use the Cheerio (cheeriogs) library in your code.


function getContent_(url) {
    return UrlFetchApp.fetch(url).getContentText()

Returns the content of Wikipedia's Main Page

  const content = getContent_('');
  const $ = Cheerio.load(content);

Returns the content of the first paragraph <p> of Wikipedia's Main Page

  const content = getContent_('');
  const $ = Cheerio.load(content);

Changes the content of the gas server part before hosting. !Do not do this. But you can.

  const html = HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile("index").getContent();
  const $ = Cheerio.load(html);
  return HtmlService.createHtmlOutput(
    Utilities.formatString("<html>%s</html>", $('html').html())


Why can not I debug my code?

The latest Google App Script uses V8 runtime. Version 12 of Cheeriogs supports the runtime. Please upgrade your script. Then, you can do it.


This project is maintained by volunteers. If you are using this project where it is important, consider one time or regular donations, please.

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