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An all-in-one and fully customizable loader/spinner for Angular applications. It supports foreground, background spinner/loader, indicative progress bar and multiple loaders.



See full documentation here


Live demo here.


Install ngx-ui-loader via NPM, using the command below.

$ npm install --save ngx-ui-loader

# Or Yarn

$ yarn add ngx-ui-loader
Angular Installation Documentation
Angular 11 npm i --save ngx-ui-loader v11.x.x
Angular 10 npm i --save [email protected] v10.x.x
Angular 9 npm i --save [email protected] v9.x.x
Angular 8 npm i --save [email protected] v8.x.x
Angular 6 & 7 npm i --save [email protected] v7.2.x
Angular 4 & 5 npm i --save [email protected] v1.x.x

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